Travel: 4 reasons why you should visit Hamburg


(July 2015)  4 reasons why you should visit Hamburg, I will tell you them today! Travelling to Hamburg was a quite spontaneous idea, that led to three days of beautiful sightseeing and fun! From Groningen to Hamburg takes about 5 hours by bus, and is very affordable! Even though we were travelling in highseason, the hotel we booked was also quite cheap, with good comfort and with a good location. Because I didn’t knew much of Hamburg and I didn’t hear of it much either, I’d like to involve you in my experiences.

Hamburg is a harbor city, with a lot of water (just like Rotterdam) flowing through the city. But besides that it has a lot of other qualities! 

Note: photos are taken with our phones, so sorry for the lack of quality.

4 reasons why you should visit Hamburg

1. Its parks

The first day we went walking to the ‘Ausen alster’, which you can see in the first picture. Afterwards we went through the parks of Hamburg. This parks are all located nearby each other and more or less form one park. This has beautiful plants and flowers, but there was also a little festival, a playground, and places to sit down and have a coffee.

The park is a lovely walk and great opportunity to ‘get out the city’ for a while.

2. Its harbor and water

The same counts for the harbor and the water of the city. The Alsters (inner and outer) show a very beautiful picture. The outer alster is a large lake that lays at the border of the city center. You could walk around it, but as we already walked quite far we were okay with walking at the side of the city center.

The nice thing of Hamburg is that you can sail through it, without having to pay for an expensive boat tour. The local ferry brings you quite far into the harbor, and it costs you hardly anything. It is a nice tour, and gives you a very good view. However, one week earlier I just went on a boat tour through the harbor of Rotterdam. I have to say here that when you’ve done that, Hamburg its harbor cannot compete with that; it is way smaller.

3. The shopping area

The shopping area of hamburg is GREAT though. A lot of shops, all located nearby each other, easily accessible and very complete.

For the food you have to do some research. We weren’t that good at it, and couldn’t really find a restaurant area with nice spots to eat and hang out. We did find a good sushi place, which appeared to be visited mostly by business people from around, during lunchtime. A nice surprise.

We also found a food area nearby the shopping area, but this was a little expensive for us. Probably because it was nearby a lovely square, that bordered on the inner alster and a little water. This place at the water is a nice spot to sit for a bit and we got some food there from stands of the square.

4. The history

Besides the modern buildings that Hamburg has, the old city is still pretty good intact. In the Hafencity you’ll find these old harbor buildings and bridges. Which makes the picture of Hamburg complete. It is also a nice walk, but quite long, to go through these alleys and have a look around.


Thank you for reading and for more photos: check out my instagram!

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