Travel: Rotterdam


(July, 2015) Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. It is different, a mix of history and modern architecture, trendy, wide. It has character, culture, and a very nice atmosphere. I love it every time!

Even though Rotterdam is crowded, you cannot compare it to the mass of Amsterdam. Rotterdam has a wide set up, with large sidewalks, squares and roads. Therefore you do not ‘feel’ the crowd as such. Moreover, a large part of Rotterdam is ‘walkeable’. You don’t necessarily need to take the underground, bus or tram. However, a very nice possibility to get around are the watertaxi’s; cheap and fun!

Another big plus of Rotterdam is that it is a Harbor City. Its harbor is so big, you just cannot imagine — very different from the harbor of Hamburg for example. You find this characteristic in everything of the city; Rotterdam has a lot of water…really, a lot! No canals, but real water. Real bridges. You can even smell the water in the air.

The shopping area of Rotterdam is very nice. Everything is quite closeby, and there are enough ‘few people’ to get around nicely. The shops are quite similar to other big cities of the Netherlands. Think of H&M, ZARA, ZARA Home, Steps, etc. I heard that there opened a new Forever 21 shop, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

I love the hotspots that Rotterdam has to offer. I will talk about this in a larger extent in a next post; listing the hotspots of Rotterdam! For now I will just let you know about the street of the hotel we always stay in: The Bazar. The street of the hotel is called Witte de Withstraat. It is quite a famous street, with a lot of cafés, bars and little shops. Especially on Friday afternoon the whole street is full with people, having there Friday Afternoon drink. Also the sidestreets of the Witte de Withstraat have nice bars and restaurants. They all have good prices and are very gezellig. 

For now I think you all have enough information about Rotterdam. In a next post I will tell you more! If you have any suggestions I should mention about Rotterdam, please tell me.

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